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In early 2017, the United States Power Squadrons®, America's Boating Club®, Boat Operator Certification Committee, introduced the Jump Start Program. This program is a hands on training for new boaters or boaters who have purchased a boat new to them and desire instruction in operating their boat in a safe manner consistent with standard boating practices. This program can be tailored to the desires of the particular boat owner without any time constraints and is offered at no charge to the boat owner. Skippers should have current insurance and current year Vessel Safety Check Decal. Life jackets or vests will be worn by all participants during all of the on the water activities.
This training is conducted on the student's boat at the request of the student. As such, there is not condition of carriage, and US Coast Guard licensing does not apply. All instructors will be competent on the particular type and size of the vessel. Additionally, all training must be approved by the Squadron and USPS insurance will become primary during the training event.
Training may consist of a review of materials and information contained in the Americas Boating Course® and on the water training working with both close quarters maneuvering and open water operations including anchoring the vessel.

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