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Partner in Command

Welcome to Partner in Command

What exactly is Partner in Command (PiC)? It is an educational class that focuses on training spouses, significant others, older children, or close friends who boat with the skipper on a regular basis how to handle the boat in the case of an emergency. The course addresses the basics of boat handling and things they should know or be aware of in the event that the skipper becomes unable to handle the boat due to injury, illness, or medical emergencies. The class is divided into both classroom sessions and on-the-water training with instructors proficient in all areas of boating.
The class room sessions include focus on life jackets and man overboard, anchoring, VHF radio procedures, signaling, first aid, boat handling in the Bay and Delta, pollution control and how to tie your boat to the dock (knots). The on-the-water portion of the class is just that, on the water. Instructors proficient in boat handling will accompany the students out on the water and go through a series of exercises designed to teach the students how to competently and safely maneuver their particular vessel. During this time, the skipper becomes first mate, line handler, gofer, etc. and only gets to offer input if the instructor deems it necessary. He actually does get to offer words of wisdom before the boat leaves the dock in case there is something particular to his boat that both the instructor and student need to know. Areas covered during this time include moving the boat forward, backwards, using the transmissions to turn the boat in either direction, the effects of wind and current, docking (both side to dock and sterning in), anchoring, radio communications, electronics use, and much more. By the time the session is over, the student should be very comfortable in numerous situations.
All vessels must have current insurance and a current Vessel Safety Check (VSC). In the event that the vessel does not have a current VSC, we have instructors qualified as VSC examiners who are more than happy to perform an inspection prior to going out on the water.
This seminar meets all of the requirements of the USPS EDN 90 and has been
approved by the USPS Boat Operator Certification and Training Committee